Living more with less…

A concept I’ve always loved but didn’t know how well I’d go, implementing it into my life.

I had a pretty fortunate, relatively routine and safe home life, but I loved it. My amazing family and friends, my job, the weekends, the gym, life was easy. So if I’m honest…when we first decided to live the vanlife, a small part of me thought…will I like this?

Will I like living in such a small space? The only clothes I own, folded into one basket, no time schedule (I’ve always been so organized), no wifi, no power (there go the hair straighteners…oh and a fridge), no washing machines (unless at a campground or laundromat), the no toilet or shower (again, unless at a campground).

Man, I remember this being a little daunting and I definitely had doubts…am I too precious?

Everything about home life was so easy, the simple idea that you can flick a switch, plug in your phone and boom its charging. Or walk upstairs, fling open the fridge and grab a cold drink. Those easy life aspects go out the window and yeah, at the beginning it takes a bit of adjusting, but my god does it wake up a happiness inside of you. One that wasn't there before and one that only living the vanlife, will bring out of you.

So here you have it…Here are 10 reasons why living in a van makes you happier:

1. You expect nothing, so everything feels like a win

The beauty of vanlife is that you expect nothing, and because of that, everything that happens, feels like a win. You don’t know whats just around the corner…it could be a beach, a big city, an old church, an abandoned train station, a long straight road, a rainforest, a surf break…okay I think you get the point. But when you don’t know whats coming…you appreciate it when it comes into view.

Parked up on the hill in Spain, at a beach called Los Locos, we didn’t know what to expect. Firstly, it was one of our first night's free camping and me being, well, scared of doing my business in nature. I was a little uncomfortable with the idea already.

Up on the hill above the beach, we chose a spot where other campers we’re parked and set up camp. Bryn took off for a surf and as per had a wicked one, with some gnarly waves, pumping into the shore. After some dinner, with the light still on our side, we walked up the hill a little further to see a row of rugged cliffs dropping straight down to the ocean, a good 50 metres below us.

WOW, we thought. With the sounds of the wind howling, the waves beating up on the cliff wall and a deep echo, from a huge cave to the right of us, the whole scene around us, felt electric. We sat high up on the cliff edge, appreciating everything we could see, until it got dark. We really didn’t expect it from such a random spot in Spain and because of this, it made it all more special.

2. You gain an incredible sense of freedom

What screams freedom more than having no time schedule and no deadlines? Being able to do whatever you want, whenever you want? With nothing but unknown roads, unknown territory, your little home on wheels and the love of your life…vanlife opens you up to this incredible sense of freedom.

Throughout our two months in the van, our life was spent swimming, surfing, cooking, reading and living. The perfect escape from big-city life, work or whatever it is that keeps you strapped to that storm called stress.

I know it’s not easy to drop everything and say “Alright, I’m buying a van, going to live like a hippie and never come home,” but it is worth it. Whether it’s a week trip around your country in a hired camper, or buying your own and setting off…whatever your buzz, the sense of freedom will have you high on life, drunk in love and drowning in happiness.

3. You learn things, a lot of things

When you’ve got your own little portable home, not a whole lot of money and an unknown adventure ahead of you…its surprising how much you’ll learn.

You don’t only learn about car parts, mechanics and motors, like when the van breaks down and you have to figure it out for yourself, but you’ll also learn a lot about each other as a couple. Spending 24 hours, seven days a week, not further than 5 metres away from each other is testing, I’ll tell you that. But you learn to do it all together, hand in hand and I think that’s pretty damn cool.

Of course and along with that, you’ll learn a lot about the country you’re in and the places you visit, the crazy and inspiring people you meet and not to forget…yourself. Cue “who am I?” question.

4. You seize every opportunity

Living in a van, allows you to seize every opportunity. Not one day is spent lounging around, watching TV, chilling in your pj’s (something we’re all guilty for back home). Instead, you’re up at the crack of dawn, mostly because it’s too hot, but also because you can hear whatever it is that day on the outside of that van door.

You meet people who are travelling inland to a waterfall and you think to yourself…fuck it, we'll come along too. You see a road sign pointing to some rock formations, 15km off the highway and you say to each other…let's check it out. You see an amazing beach, full of other van lifers and although you were aiming to drive for another hour, you decide…meh we'll just stay here. You itch for adventure, because…what the hell else is there to do? And as the days go by, flooding into one another, you slowly just start going with the flow, taking it day by day and loving every second of it.

These decisions are opportunities. You have the freedom to just jump on them and ride the wave. How bloody cool is that? #happinessoverload

5. You experience things you would never have

When living the vanlife, you spend more time exploring smaller, more remote areas, than you would have while backpacking…in my opinion anyway.

When we we’re backpacking, we were bouncing from place to place, big city to big city, hostel to hostel. We didn’t have the time to slow down and figure out what life was like, 100km to our left or right…it was always go, go, go. We would stay at hostels and travel to cities or countries that people would recommend and although these places we’re usually rad, it left no room for exploring new and unheard of places for ourselves.

When we got in the van it was the total opposite. One night, we parked up in an amazing free camping spot in Portugal called Praia de Odeceixe We had no idea about this incredible little spot, nor did we know how beautiful it was. But we do know that we would have looked right past it if it weren’t for our home on wheels.

This is one of a hundred moments that we wouldn’t have experienced if we weren’t in the van. In such a random little spot in Portugal, so far from the bigger cities, we felt blessed and happy to be living the vanlife.

6. You focus on you and your own shit

To be able to just focus on us and our own shit had to be one of my favourite parts about living the vanlife, making me and our relationship, happier and healthier. It’s so easy to get caught up in everyone else’s lives, everyone else's dreams, goals, problems and dramas, but as cliché as it is…you really gotta look after YOU.

With Bryn and I practically living in each others pockets, we had the time to deeply talk about shit (life, goals, the future, whatever). Nothing else came into play and this was really beneficial for us. Before leaving New Zealand, we both dealt with anxiety about things we couldn’t control, but living in the van really helped us let shit go and focus on things that really mattered.

That, at the end of the day, is what makes you happy.

7. You turn a little wild…and going wild for a while, isn't a bad thing

Right, before you even start the vanlife, tell your mindset and your body that things are going to get a little wild. But who said wild was a bad thing?

Your hygiene standards drop…they plummet actually. Expect not to shower for 1-5 days (if you’re free camping) and you never really wash your hair. You learn to sleep with SO MUCH sand in your bed that it seems natural and you change your sheets…hardly ever. You start peeing in places that you once thought were far too public and number two?…well get used to the old bush poo. The clothes that you would usually throw into the wash basket, are now, to your sense of smell, still clean. You start eating food past its use by date and you sleep in random, side-of-the-road locations, not really knowing or caring, whether its safe to do so.

Okay, you're probably thinking…Ummm how does this make you happier? Well it just does and this is why…

Because you start finding your partners lack of hygiene, absolutely hilarious, making you laugh harder and smile longer. You do all this super weird stuff together, like the time we rubbed an onion on our skin in an attempt to scare off mosquitoes…yes this actually happened. You see your partner looking their worst and still, without a doubt, are totally in love with them. And most importantly, you awaken a sense of ridiculousness inside of you, one that got lost somewhere along the lines of being that snotty nose child and that working class adult.

To be a little wild is to be a little happy and going wild for a while, was seriously the best.

8. You meet all sorts of random people and learn a life lesson or five

This one's pretty key I think. During your little vanlife journey, you’re bound to meet people who are on one of their own.

You come across such different folks. Mature, solo travellers in their 60s, excited best friends on their uni holidays, retired husbands and wives who never got the chance to travel when they were younger, couples like us, who are living in the moment, plus EVERYTHING in between.

All I can say is: take an interest in these people's lives. Listen to their advice and adventures. Embrace their different culture. Respect their various ages or situations and find happiness in meeting all these wonderful different people. You will learn a few life lessons, I promise.

9. You stop taking the little things for granted

As you venture through your vanlife journey, you’ll soon realise how much you stop taking things for granted. Obvious things first. Like when you have a shower for the first time in a while or when you put on clean clothes after using the campground's washing machine.

But after this, you learn to stop taking the little things for granted. Like when you crack the door open on a hot night and the cool breeze hits you. Or when the kettle boils, after sitting on the portable, gas-top stove for nearly half an hour. Or even when you realise you have enough coins for the next toll road.

These simple life pleasures are so easily taken for granted, but when you’re living the vanlife, you value every moment of it.

10. You live more with less

Ahhhhhhh the best for last and now something I can proudly say I am good at…living more with less. This concept will change your life if you let it.

I no longer find myself etching to have more. More clothes, more makeup, a bigger bedroom, the next best thing.

You become 100% happy with everything you have in your little home on wheels. Happy with all the clothes you have, folded up in a basket, under the bed. Happy that the hair straighteners don’t work because you never have power. Happy when your phone runs out of battery and you can’t charge it until the van turns on and happy with the fact that you don’t have a lot, but you do have enough.

Vanlife makes you happy; it's as simple as that.

10 Reasons Why Vanlife Makes You Happier #travel

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This post originally appeared on Free and Addicted and has been republished with permission.