The global world has become hyper-connected affecting all aspects of our lives, and our professional careers shouldn’t be excluded. While once you were somewhat expected to stay in one company for 20 years, or at least in that one country – the rules don’t apply anymore.


Creativity and flexibility is the name of the game for the modern job market, and in order to get an edge and practice your out-of-the-box thinking you need to move abroad, at least for a while.

Here are eight reasons why traveling the world can do wonders for you career:

1. You'll learn to live more in the moment

Traveling is all about fun and new experiences and in order to truly enjoy them you will have to learn to see, feel, breathe and touch every aspect of your experience now, and stop waiting for things to happen. This is a valid skill for life, and you will come back more energized and focused than ever before.

2. You'll develop new skills

Travelers learn to be very resourceful and persistent to adjust to their new host country, those exact characteristics are the driving force of the modern job market. You can get as much as mastering creative problem solving, cross-cultural communication and flexibly from simple restaurant order in a foreign country.

Then there are also the big ways – you’ll learn how a foreign market operates, you’ll learn how to multitask with time zone differences, cultural differences, negotiation and moving. Wrap all this into one and you’ve learned how to adapt.


3. You'll widen your perspective

The key to success is thinking outside the box. Staying in your normal environment can make you stagnant, while traveling the world will offer you that new way of thinking.

New cultures, backgrounds, and people who think much differently to you, and by interacting, working with, or just watching these people, you can pick out the habits, the mindsets, and the tools of the trade to give yourself an edge (both at home and at your new foreign home).


4. Get out of your comfort zone

Like it or not, we all have our molds – what our parents think of us, what our colleagues think of us, and even what our culture thinks of us.

The brilliant thing when you live abroad is you get to amplify your own comfort zone, but you’re also taking off the limitations to your passion, drive, and creativity. What’s totally taboo in your culture (or just not “common sense”) is wholeheartedly embraced in another country.

This gives you the chance to think about what YOU really want and not what you SHOULD want.


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5. Embrace uncertainty

Traveling to new unfamiliar places is all about learning to embrace the uncertainties and take a leap of faith. So much can go wrong in a single move, and if you keep obsessing about the potential drawbacks you might as well stay put.

But if you push yourself out there, trust in your instincts and the plan – you can be exposed to endless new opportunities. Uncertainty is part of the modern job market, and you get to hone this skill by having fun abroad!


6. Connect with new people

Let’s face it – you cannot do it all on your own. Connecting with people, asking for help, collaborating, accompanying them and supporting each other through various adventures is vital when you travel the world. You'll discover how much you can learn from so many different people who may be very different from you.

Learning new languages, new customs and a new way to connect with people is an essential tool in today’s world, learning to accept different perspectives and ways of living is invaluable.


7. Embrace your vulnerability

Building on connecting with other people, you will also learn to take some of your guards off. Traveling abroad will teach you how to ask for help and accept that at times you need to depend on others. Learning to let go and trust others will come in handy in any team work project in the future.

8. You will understand yourself better

When you break free from all the expectations and the common perception of “how to live your life to succeed” you will discover a rare treasure – yourself! This is a unique opportunity to reconnect with your values and ask the important questions of what do I want to do when I grow up (even if you are well after 40) and how do I want to live my life.


The global village has so much to offer – don’t settle for just one location for the rest of your life. Get out there, embrace your curiosity, explore, break free and take this chance on you… traveling is so much more than fun, it is a present for your personal and professional growth. The process of moving and adapting to a new place and having to find new routines is both an exciting opportunity, and also a priceless lesson.


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