Get Your Travel Photos Personalised into Vintage Tourism Postcards

Your images + our vintage design elves = a pretty rad souvenir.

Because, let’s be honest, no one wants a keychain, boring fridge magnet or a standard “I was here” postcard.

Now you can get your own personal photos turned into vintage tourism postcards to send to your loved ones to remind them you’re still thinking of them.

How cool would it be to receive a postcard with an image on it that no one has ever received before?

Look at this awesome transformation:

How does it work?

1. You send over the photos you want personalised and ‘vintagised’. (You send us five and we choose the three that work best.)

2. You give us the deets – the name of the pictured attraction, the area of the attraction and the country. E.g. Eiffel Tower, Paris, France.

3. Our elves carefully analyse which images work best and they get right onto transforming them.

4. We send you the digital files within three days!

5. You download a postcard app, upload your new design, personalise the message and send it off to as many pals as you like! (P.S. Touchnote had a far better printing quality!)

And voila. That’s it!
The only one condition is you don’t resell these designs and make money from them (c’mon, that’s not cool).

Does this work with any image?

  • Landscapes work best.
  • The less detail there is, the better. Intricate designs aren’t the best choice, however, the exception is if the silhouette shows the attraction. E.g. If you have a picture of the Notre Dame, the building’s details won’t show well but the building is a very iconic shape so it would be clear where you are.
  • Faces are not ideal. If you’re unsure but really want to try a specific pic, include it in your five and if it doesn’t work we’ll leave it out. Simple!
  • And it goes without saying, but…the better quality the picture, the better result you’ll get back.

Here are some more amazing examples of what you could do. All of these images were taken with phone cameras:

Vintage Tourism Poster Turkey- Breathe Travel

Vintage Tourism Poster Serbia - Breathe Travel

Vintage Tourism Poster Morocco - Breathe Travel

Vintage Tourism Poster Wilderness - Breathe Travel

$30 for THREE images

All you need to do is…

1. Order via PayPal using the button below

2. Find five of your favourite images

3. Email them to and we’ll
have them back to you within three days!!

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