Top 5 Beaches You Must Visit in Portugal

The European summer may be coming to an end but there’s good news for the keen traveller: next year’s flights have just gone on sale.

Portugal is set to become one of the must-see destinations of 2017, offering culture, beaches, history and delicious food in one pretty package.

The team at Mosaic Travel knows that a summer by the beach is a summer well spent, so they’ve found a stretch of sand for any occasion – from swimming and surfing to partying until the sunrise, you’re sure to find your paradise.

Praia de Adraga Beach

Top 5 Beaches You Must Visit in Portugal - Breathe Travel

Praia de Adraga Beach, located near Sintra on the Central Coast, is the private person’s dream. Its remote location, dramatic high cliffs, golden sands and pristine rocks, grottoes and tunnels mean the beach is usually close to empty – leaving all the more room for you to enjoy. A small caveat is that you’ll need your own car – it’s so out of the way that public transport won’t get you there.
Praia da Adraga

Praia da Rocha

Top 5 Beaches You Must Visit in Portugal - Breathe Travel

On the completely opposite of the spectrum sits Lagos’ Praia da Rocha. Its vast expanse of soft golden sand is home to a buzzing and vibrant atmosphere, with great caves to explore and established dining options. Lagos may be a tourist trap, but this nearby beach is an undiscovered gem that’s not as busy.
praia da rocha

Ribeira Beach

Top 5 Beaches You Must Visit in Portugal - Breathe Travel

Culture and history buffs should be placing Ribeira Beach in Cascais on the list; close to the square and old town, it has a gorgeous backdrop of historical buildings, including grand crumbling villas. Also known as Fisherman’s Beach, Ribeira is home to a lively but small fishing port, so the pretty picture is improved by the presence of small fishing boats. You can try some of their produce at one of the casual restaurants in town – after all, we believe the best way to learn about a new culture is through food!ribeira beach


Don’t like sharing the sand? Miramar is the beach for you. An isolated patch not far from Porto, it’s famous from the 17th century chapel on a rocky headland, and isn’t frequented by many tourists, even in summer. A calm tide makes it great for cutting a few laps.

Top 5 Beaches You Must Visit in Portugal #travel

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Praia Tocha

Top 5 Beaches You Must Visit in Portugal - Breathe Travel

Finally, Praia Tocha is the surfer’s paradise. A secret beach known only by locals (and now you!), it’s resort free and home to a great break – ideal for surfing and bodyboarding. After a long day, you can retire to a Palheiros (a former fishing house sitting on stilts), now used for accommodation.
Praia tocha

Pack your bags: Portugal is calling. With five vastly different but equally as beautiful beaches to choose from, you’ll be sand-side in no time.

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Top 5 Beaches You Must Visit in Portugal - Breathe Travel

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