There aren't many things better than road tripping. But sharing an adventure with even your closest friends can get a little...tight. So I have a bunch of tips for you for how to focus on the fun while keeping everyone safe, happy, and comfortable.

5 Tips for Traveling With Friends in an RV

1. Find out what is important to everyone

It’s so important that everyone gets on the same page as you start planning your trip. Everyone is going to have different activities in mind, and unfortunately, you won’t have enough time to do everything.

One way to figure out the group’s priorities is to each make a numbered list. Maybe one of you thinks exploring a new city is most important, while another wants to go hiking. When you make a list and each assign numbers for priority, you’ll see what activities are the most important to each person. You can then negotiate and re-arrange from there.

2. Don’t be afraid to break off into smaller groups

Or even break away from the herd for some alone time! You don’t have to do everything together, and it’s probably good to take a breather once in awhile. If someone doesn’t want to participate in an activity or wants to do something else, let them! Just keep in touch and make sure they’re safe.

3. Talk finances before you go

Splitting food and travel costs is going to be tricky. The RV rental, gas, and campground stays are easy enough to split since they’re solid expenses. Food and activities, however, are more fluid expenses and may be the source of some tumult.

Before you head to the grocery store or restaurant, you need to decide if you’re going to split the bill evenly or buy your own items. Or, you might want to create a shared grocery list and have everyone pick items they’ll contribute.

4. Plan a chore rotation

There are a lot of chores that come with traveling in an RV, and none of them are enjoyable. Keeping the kitchen clean and tidy, dumping the tanks, refilling the propane…the list goes on. If you don’t share your responsibilities evenly, someone is going to end up getting annoyed.

The best way to solve this? Make a list of chores and assign them on a rotating basis. You're travelling with some of your favourite people, arguing over whose turn it is to do the dishes isn't the best way to spend your time together.

5. Research the right resources

When it comes to RV travel, technology makes everything better. Here are a few resources that will help you plan your trip, save time and money, and make traveling with friends easier:

Roadtrippers is one of the most popular route planning apps. It’s critical that you plan your route, especially when traveling with a group. Getting lost with a bunch of people is just…awful. This app helps you map your route and identify places to stop, stay, and eat.

Venmo is a godsend for a traveling troupe of friends. You can instantly transfer money through the app and drop it right into your bank account. Even if you don’t have a bank account, you can still connect it to a prepaid card!

Gasbuddy is another handy app that you can use even when you’re not traveling. It finds the cheapest gas nearby and updates in real time.

If you're travelling in the U.S., you and your friends may want to split a Good Sam Membership. You’ll get discounts on gas, camping/traveling gear, campgrounds, and activities. It’s definitely worth the cost.

A lot of people don’t realize that there’s a new way to rent RVs. Peer to Peer rental networks are online platforms which let RV owners and renters directly connect with one another, rather than having to go through a dealer. There are a few reasons why P2P sites are better than old-school rental services:

  • Owners list their RVs for free, and they set their own rates, so it tends to be a lot more affordable.
  • There is a much wider selection of RVs. Usually, dealerships only carry a handful of models. With a P2P site, you can find just about any kind of RV. Roadtripping with your friends in a vintage airstream? Yes, please!
  • The quality of the RVs tends to be better than the alternative. RV owners take good care of their rigs, and the RVs aren’t rented as often as dealers’, so they usually have fewer miles.
  • You can contact the RV owner right through the website, so if you have questions (or want to negotiate prices), just send them a message! You can also read reviews from other renters, included right in the listing.
  • Lastly, and probably most importantly, you still get plenty of liability coverage and roadside assistance. The only thing you’ll need to supply is your own auto insurance or pay for coverage if the owner includes it in the listing.

The process itself is super simple. Just search by your location and travel dates to pull up a list of available RVs. Read over the rules (like if there are mileage limits), and once you’ve found your RV, request a reservation. The owner will do a quick background check and collect a deposit when you’re approved. When you pick up the RV, they’ll give you a little tour and show you how to use everything. You’ll get your deposit back when you return the RV clean and free of damage.

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Road tripping with friends will create some unforgettable memories (hopefully good ones!). Remember, communication and patience are the most important things.

If everyone can be flexible, be vocal about their needs, and be willing to compromise, your trip will go smoothly.

Stay safe and enjoy your vacation!

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Have you ever wanted to go away with your friends in an RV? Or have you already been and you have some of your own tips to share? Tell us in the comments below.