There is no avoiding it. If you want to be a global traveller you are going to have to spend a lot of time in airports. Here on Breathe Travel we already made a list of 21 travel tips to survive a long-haul flight. In this post we look at 5 travel tips to survive an airport. 

1. Bring an empty water bottle

Water is expensive in airports and if you are going to stay hydrated you are going to need to invest in a bottle or two, eat in a restaurant, or make constant trips to the drinks station. Or do you?

While liquids over 100ml can’t be taken through security, empty bottles are perfectly fine. Once on the other side you can easily refill your bottles at the drinking stations free of charge.

2. Be security smart

Speaking of security, it is wise to plan ahead when you pack your carry on luggage. Place your electronic devices in the front pocket of your bag or in an easy to reach compartment so you can pull things out easily and also slide them back in as soon as you're through. You don’t want to be the person who looks like a rookie traveller by holding up the queue.

3. Consider an airport lounge day pass

Airport lounges are not just for those with first and business class tickets. Most airport lounges offer a day pass that allow passengers to use the facilities while they stop over. The lounge will include a complimentary food and drinks selection along with a peaceful place to relax with free Wi-Fi. Some lounges can even be compared to a 5-star hotel with world-class spas and restaurants.

While a day pass may be expensive if you’re only in the terminal for an hour or two, if your flight is delayed or you face a long layover then they will make the wait a lot more bearable.  Lifehacker also recommends heading to a lounge if you run into any problems with your flight as the staff are usually the most experienced in the airport. The site states that it can be worth the cost of a day pass just to get someone to help you rebook a cancelled flight.

4. Avoid parking hassles

Airport parking can often end up causing you a big headache if you’re running late or the car park is full. Yet, most airports across the globe will offer multiple parking services depending on the traveller’s needs. If you're in a hurry to get your adventure started and don’t want to worry about the stress of finding a parking space then you can research to see if the airport has a valet service.

For instance, Parking4Less who provide parking information at Gatwick Airport in London list a number of services that travellers can consider depending on their needs. Much like any other leading airport in the world, Gatwick’s valet service may be the most expensive option, but it is perfect for people who don’t want any hassle at the beginning of their trip. You can pre-book the service to have everything ready for when you drop the car off. Checking out the airport’s parking deals may seem like an extra chore but it can save you a lot of time and stress on your departure day.​

5. Make the airport part of the adventure

Modern airports are more than just places to wait for your plane. A lot of airports can be part of your travel adventure if you know where to look. Lifestyle and culture site D’Marge created a list of 10 weird and wonderful airport amenities around the world. Included in the list is an art museum at Amsterdam Airport, a winter market at Munich, and a rooftop swimming pool at Singapore’s Changi Airport.

5 Travel Tips to Survive an Airport Layover #travel

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The next time you're departing from an airport, do a quick bit of research to see if the airport has anything of interest that will either start or end your travelling in a special way. Sometimes it's just worth the little extra spend.

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