You know what it's like... while you're at home and in the comfort of your own routine it's a lot easier to eat clean, healthy meals and get some exercise in. But what happens when you leave that security behind and are placed at the mercy of less-healthy folks n' places n' stuff? How can you be a clean-eating, health-lovin', superstar traveller? It's not as hard as you may think.

Here are some healthy travel tips to help make things a little easier for you, whether you're away for work or play, all it takes is a little forward thinking!

1. Fill yer bag with healthy swag!

This is my top healthy eating, travel tip and it applies both at home and abroad! I always take snacks and a water bottle with me, even if I'm just nipping out to town for the afternoon. It helps me keep my blood sugar levels stable and not eat myself into a food coma when it's feeding time.

If you're travelling by plane, it's worth bearing in mind that airplane meals are incredibly calorie laden and filled with weird stuff - even the ones you think are saintly. They have to add loads of extra ingredients to make meals taste normal to our distorted taste buds in weird air pressure. So if you can, take a packed lunch for the plane or visit a salad bar before flying.

2. Know thy menu

Check out the restaurant or hotel menus before you arrive and scour them for the healthier options. Here's a clue: it's not the chips. Sorry. Try to avoid fried foods and opt for fresh fruit or veg where possible. Lean meat or fish is also a good choice.

And don't be afraid to ask how things are cooked! It's a great chance to try out the local language (or at least amuse a few locals as you try)!

3. Get local

Ask at the hotel reception for the nearest local fruit and veg market or supermarket and scope out the local area. Nip out when you can and stock up on some goodies.

I tend to get some natural yoghurt, raw nuts and fresh fruit to keep in the mini bar fridge so I know I always have a healthy snack on hand.

Most supermarkets I've been to in other countries have something that works. Plus, it's an awesome opportunity to try out new and exciting fruit and vegetables and other foreign healthy nibbles.

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4. Pack your trainers

Even if there's no gym at the hotel it doesn't mean you have to skip out on a workout. Exercise can help with jet lag and ease some of the guilt if you do find yourself overindulging.

If I'm travelling with work I try to make a point of squeezing some form of exercise in whether it's at the hotel gym, exploring the surroundings by foot, or busting out a YouTube HIIT routine in the hotel room. It's amazing how much you can do in a refined space! (And an extra tip - don't forget the sports bra!)

5. Limit the booze

Contrary to what we might think, being at the airport doesn't automatically mean that we need to drastically increase the amount we would normally drink! Especially for work trips...would you normally quaff a G&T on your commute into work?

I know that there's often a level of expectation that you will be drinking, but just see what happens if you politely decline, at least on one or two nights! Will the world end??? Well, you won't know until you try, hey?!

6. Above all, enjoy yourself!

You might not have the luxury of time to enjoy yourself on a work-related trip, but on holiday you are there to (first and foremost) relax and have fun.

So if you overindulge, don't beat yourself up and just let it go. Remember - you've worked hard for your holiday. 

Whether you fall off the ‘wagon’ or not doesn’t really matter at the end of the day - it’s about how quickly you pick yourself back up again. And if you need help creating that healthy balance in your life, check out the programmes on offer at

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6 Tips For Staying Healthy While Travelling - Breathe Travel

This post originally appeared on NutriBelle and has been republished with permission.