Planning a trip to India? As a solo female traveller you will need to take extra care, particularly in remote areas of northern India.

Recently a Spanish woman was attacked by a group of men in the holy city of Pushkar. She was sightseeing with her boyfriend when 5 men approached, assaulted her partner and attempted to rape her. Fortunately, her screams were overheard and a local came to the rescue.

This is not the first time a Western woman has been attacked in India and it raises questions as to whether it's safe enough for solo female travellers. Despite growing fears, there are things you can do to stay safe and alert in India.

Read our top tips and advice before you go:


1. Preparation is key

From the moment you arrive at the airport you need to be prepared. Pre-book your hostel, download an area map to Google Maps and have local currency on your person. It's also a good idea to find out how much a taxi/rickshaw will cost on WikiTravel or Trip Advisor.


2. Seek out the company of other women

Travelling by train or bus? Book the 'ladies-only' carriage on sleeper trains and on Delhi's metro system. When this isn't an option try and make friends with other travellers or local ladies. You'll find that women in India are incredibly supportive of each other and only happy to help.


3. Don't go out alone at night

This is why India can be challenging! It just isn't safe to explore after dark, so do yourself a favour and stay indoors.


4. Stay at hostels – not hotels

Meeting other travellers will give you peace of mind, companionship and relief from the crazy streets of India. It's much more difficult to meet travellers at hotels so we highly recommend staying in hostels with social areas and dorms.


8 Must-Read Safety Tips for Women Travelling Solo to India

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5. Dress modestly

Another challenging one – particularly when it's 40 degrees! But this is incredibly important. Always cover your arms and legs to avoid male attention.

6. Be assertive

If a man tries to touch you or makes you feel uncomfortable, let him know it's not appropriate. Be assertive, strong and defiant. It's NOT okay for him to make you feel uncomfortable in any way.


7. Get an Indian sim card

This is really useful for booking hostels ahead of time. Plus if your rickshaw driver insists he doesn't know where it is (a common scam!) you can call the hostel and ask for directions. Please note: the phone number for police in India is 112.


8. Trust your instincts

If an area doesn't feel safe, leave. If you are in a male-dominated area (everywhere!), cover up. If a man is being overly friendly, walk away. Always trust your gut instinct and women's intuition.


And finally, ENJOY your travels! India is an amazing place to visit and should be on everyone's bucket list.

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