When we travel, we constantly put our body, mind and soul in new surroundings. New things pop up wherever we go, we test new limits, we meet new people and we open new horizons. Taking in and coping with all the new impressions is not always an easy task, and the practice of yoga can contribute to making your travel experience stronger – if you are open to it!

Here are 10 reasons why keeping up a yoga practice while traveling is a good idea:


Helps with staying grounded

The practice of yoga helps us be rooted and stay grounded. Wherever we go, whatever we do and whatever happens: our body, mind, soul and the practice are always there for us!


Puts you in the here and now

Atha yoganusasanam: Yoga is (what happens) now. Practicing yoga helps us to stay in the moment, in the HERE and NOW. The literal translation of the Sanscrit word means "yoking“. By yoking the mind to the here and now, we can enjoy our travel experiences to the fullest, moment by moment, breath by breath.


Gives you time for yourself

Yoga helps us take time for OURSELVES while traveling which can be difficult while on the road. Creating space for ourselves – if even just 10 minutes - helps us to slow down, to stay connected with ourselves and to find that little bit of peace inside.


Helps you focus inwards

When traveling, our attention is mostly focused outwards. We fully inhale all the new experiences and pay thorough attention to who and what surrounds us. Yoga is an inward practice and contributes to keeping inner and outer perspectives in balance.


The practice can be as flexible as you like

The practice of yoga is as flexible as our travel schedule. It is not limited to the physical practice of asana (yoga posture). A short meditation or some small breathing exercises might be perfectly fine on some days, while on other days a strong two-hour asana practice could be exactly what feels right.


Practicing Yoga is Beneficial for Travellers ... Here's How

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Helps you cope with change

Our travel plans might change on short notice. Sometimes we may change them on purpose because we decide to take a different path as we make our way, other times unexpected things happen and we are forced to let go of our original plan. Change can be troublesome at times and yoga helps us to let go, to accept things as they are and to move on. It is all about the right mindset.


Keeps you in shape

Going on an adventure trek in the jungle of Uganda? Climbing a mountaintop in the Himalaya? Carrying your backpack all over South America? Yoga helps with not only keeping the mind in shape, but also the body. Through the practice of asana our bodies become stronger and more flexible, making you better prepared physically for your travel adventures.


Sparks inspiration

Have you ever tried practicing yoga on the beach, meditating in the desert or working on your pranayama surrounded by ancient ruins? Take the practice of yoga to new places and I promise you will be inspired, while discovering new facets within your existing yoga practice.


You can take yourself to a retreat

Why not combine yoga and traveling by sneaking a little yoga retreat into one of your next trips? You could dedicate time to your own yoga practice in a magical place surrounded by like-minded people – what could be a more rewarding travel experience for a yogi?


You can do it anywhere

You can practice yoga anywhere. You do not always need a lot of physical Space for Yoga. In fact, not even a yoga mat is needed for practice! Come as you are and do it anywhere. The only thing it takes is your INTENTION and DEDICATION to make it HAPPEN!

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