Meet Our Writers

Mirna Segal | Breathe Travel

Mirna Breathe Travel Founder

Mirna is an obsessed traveller dedicated to showing women how to travel in the best and safest ways. She founded Breathe Travel to provide an online platform where women can share their own tips, information and advice with fellow travellers around the world. Mirna has travelled with her husband for almost two years and they hope to make their next big trip one around their beautiful country, Australia.

Mirna's website

Lauren Locke | Ubuntu Adventure

Lauren Locke

Lauren’s goal is to empower a better understanding of the world, its environment and confusion of cultures throughout her career. She believes this can be done through open and intentional travel. After bouncing around the globe and covering nearly 50 countries, Lauren can now be found based on the sunny US coast, surfing, playing the banjo and working as an education abroad professional. 

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Joanna Hulin | Horizon Retreats

Joey Horizon Retreats

Joey is the owner of Horizon Retreats, a company passionate about offering everyday, hardworking people access to yoga, mindfulness, and self-development workshops, retreats, and escapes in the UK and abroad.

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Florence Shih | Yoga Wine Travel


Florence is a wanderlusting yogi who enjoys surfing (goes to show, it's never too late to learn!) and won't say no to a good white sangria. She calls Hong Kong home, but these days you can find her at and on Instagram, where she writes and shares photos from her yoga journey and travels around the world.

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Helene Roselstorfer | Space for Yoga

Helene - Space for Yoga

Helene is a yoga teacher and traveling yogini, taking the practice with her wherever she goes. She teaches yoga and hosts retreats in Europe, mainly in Spain and in her native home, Austria. Helene blogs about her passions, yoga and travel via her project 'Space for Yoga'.

Helene's website

Shannon Ullman | Lives Abroad

Shannon Ullman

Shannon has backpacked through Europe, taught English in Asia, lived out of a van in New Zealand, road tripped around the U.S and called a bungalow in Bali home. She is constantly on the move, sharing her adventures and travel inspirations. You can follow her on her blog where she mostly writes about volunteering, workshops, retreats and classes that can be found while traveling.

Shannon's website​

Tara Marlow | Travel Far Enough


Faced with the reality of working insatiable work weeks in a corporate job, Tara found herself on the path of losing her health, family and friends. She questioned the path she was on. “Travel Far Enough…You’ll Find Yourself.” Given that she was simply existing in her life at the time, she jumped head first. She quit her 20+ year corporate career to travel, write and photograph the world.

Tara's website​

Regina Mae | Regina Mae Writes

Regina Mae

Regina Mae is a lawyer, writer and wanderer who writes about relationships, the art of writing, and her love of traveling at Her memoir, Adventures in Dating, chronicles her mostly humorous attempts to learn to date after a 25 year marriage. It will be available December 2016.

Regina's website

Katie Love | Breathe Travel

Katie Love

Katie Love is a recent college graduate with a degree in Anthropology and Geography. She caught the travel bug when studying abroad in Thailand and now wants to further her education by getting out of the classroom and into the world. Katie is passionate about sustainable travel and teaching others about the amazing world in which we live.​

Khanh Tran |

Regina Mae

Khanh is working at, the leading villa reservation platform in Asia. She loves reading, travelling and writing, which is why she joined the company to share these passions with others.

Khanh's website

Rachelle Hawken | Maximizer Magazine


Rachelle is the editor of Maximizer Magazine, the home of sustainable and minimalist lifestyle inspiration for a thoughtful community of change makers. She lives in Brisbane with her young family and while she hasn’t been everywhere (yet) it’s on her list.

Rachelle's website

Danielle Magee | ACE Backpacks

Danielle Magee - Breathe Travel Contributor

Danielle Magee is the founder of ACE Backpacks, a company that creates minimalist backpacks for conscious adventure seekers and dream achievers. ACE advocates for girls' education, creates jobs that lift people out of poverty, and empowers women across the world.

Danielle's website

Kristi Soomer | Encircled


Kristi Soomer is an entrepreneur, ethical-fashion advocate, minimalist and surfer with a serious case of wanderlust. While traveling 100,000+ miles a year, she became frustrated with the lack of stylish travel clothing and founded her own travel fashion line, Encircled. A self-taught designer, Kristi takes traditional silhouettes and infuses style with function to help women do more with less.

Kristi's website

Chiera McLaughlin | Young and Undecided

Regina Mae

I'm Chiera. I’m 24 and I live in Glasgow, Scotland. I started my blog this year both to document my travels and to motivate me to do more exciting, 'blog-worthy' things. I’m an aspiring nomad (if that’s a thing) and beginning my TEFL career this year.

Chiera's website

Lindsay Buckley | Frugal Frolicker

Katie Love

Lindsay is a digital nomad and travel writer from the USA, currently based in Australia. She shares her best photos and stories on her travel blog, Frugal Frolicker, which champions outdoor travel adventures.

Lindsay's website​

Amanda Bensted | ARoamerTherapy


Amanda is cursed with the bug. At the end of a trip, the inevitable question "How was it?" renders her mute. How can one possibly explain the wonders and beauty of travel? So she created the ARoamerTherapy Travel Blog to provide warnings, recommendations and hearty tales she hopes will advise and inspire you to hit the road.

Amanda's website

Shannon Hogan Cohen | Prolific Preambles

Regina Mae

Travel has changed me completely and I have been afflicted for life. I have travelled to various corners of the map and enjoy sharing my experiences with others. Easter Island, Fiji, Prince Edward Island, Japan, Ireland, Cambodia and the Amazon are some of my heartfelt favorites.

Shannon's website

Maggie Langeness | Twenty Something Living

Katie Love

Maggie is a travel agent turned digital nomad / yogi currently living her dream of traveling throughout Mexico. She has learned a lot through the years of traveling and hopes to inspire others to do the same, not just to learn about other cultures but also about themselves.

Maggie's website

Kallam McKay | What If Adventures

Katie Love

Kallam McKay is a 24-year-old woman pretending to have her life together. You can find her binge watching TV shows, reading, planning her next trip, or checking her credit score. Flowers, iced coffee, peanut butter, bookstores, and the mountains of East Tennessee make her happy.

Kallam's website

Maya Broers | FuelBox Australia

Regina Mae

Maya is the owner of FuelBox Australia, a yoga teacher, wife and mum of two - and in a life before kids a singer-songwriter. FuelBox is the ultimate travel companion for couples to fuel communication. Containing 170 open-ended questions to spark conversation between couples and families, FuelBox is a light-hearted and fun way to start connecting on a deeper level.

Maya's website

Melissa Kirk | Joy at the Heart

Katie Love

Melissa Kirk is an editor, writer, and blogger living in the SF bay area and attempting to go with the flow and roll with the punches as much as possible. She writes for Psychology Today and also has a personal blog, Joy at the Heart.

Melissa's website

Alison Adey | Fabulous Travel Guide


Alison is the Founder and Editor of Fabulous Travel Guide, a website that inspires, supports and connects girls who love to travel. Join the tribe on Instagram - @fabuloustravelguide - or check out more travel tips for girls on her website.

Alison's website

Ally Burnie |Inspired Adventures

Regina Mae

Ally is a traveller, story-teller and all round creative.  Ally was bitten by the travel bug a long time ago and has since gone on to swim in the Great Barrier Reef, cycled 350kms across Vietnam and Cambodia, eaten her way through Hoi An, climbed to the top of the Big Buddha in Hong Kong, swum in the Dead Sea, eaten her weight in churros in Mexico, and snorkelled in Samoa.

Ally's website

Kelsey Olson | Inspired Adventures

Katie Love

Kelsey is forever fascinated by the world in which we live and the cultures and geography of Earth. Born and raised in the far north of the United States, she traded northern lights and snow for Sydney’s sunny shores. Kelsey holds a Bachelor’s degree in Communications with a special focus on gender and race issues in mass media. Kelsey is passionate about sustainable and ethical fashion and is a digital marketing nerd (self-confessed).

Kelsey's website

Jacinta Saunders | One Gypsy Soul


Jacinta is a life coach and founder of One Gypsy Soul, an online space exploring life in your twenties.

Jacinta's website

Grace Blake | Australian Abroad

Regina Mae

Grace is an Aussie turned Motswana expat living amongst wildlife in Africa. She lives out her inner Peter Pan fantasies by travelling the world one country at a time.

Melinda Lusmore | I Love Walking in France

Melinda Lusmore

Melinda Lusmore is a long-distance walker, wandering through the picturesque villages and glorious countryside of rural France.

Melinda's website

Danielle Ashley | Flightamins


Danielle is a fully qualified Chinese medicine practitioner, founder of Full Circle Chinese medicine in Melbourne. She is currently completing her Masters degree in human nutrition at Deakin university. Danielle is the founder of Flightamins, an all-natural, plant-based travel supplement that was created to unite her passion for travel and health.

Danielle's website

Rita Golstein-Galperin

Regina Mae

Rita Golstein-Galperin is a Career Makeover Strategist® for expat women and the founder of Expat Renaissance. She is an author, entrepreneur, public speaker, as well as career and business coach for expats. Rita helps expat women rediscover, redefine and REINVENT themselves while thriving overseas!

Rita's website

Lannah Sawers-Diggins | Red Dust Dreams

Katie Love

Lannah is a wife and mum, a writer, freelance journalist, photographer, advocate and more. While she has lived in Perth, Western Australia, for most of her life, her childhood was spent in the outback on the family sheep station in South Australia. Lannah is passionate about her family, the outback and writing.

Lannah's website

Susan Lee | Tibet Vista


Susan is a marketer at Tibet Vista, a Tibet travel operator and the pioneer of Tibet tourism. Their objective is to ensure you enjoy safe and pleasant travels in Tibet by striving to exceed your every expectation.

Susan's website

Bella Shaw | NutriBelle

Regina Mae

Bella is the nutritional ninja and founder behind NutriBelle. She works with women to help them unleash their inner Healthy Superhero - to find the balance that works in busy lives - through one-to-one coaching, and group online programmes.

Bella's website

Po-Tien Goh | The Adventure

Katie Love

Po-Tien is a tea-drinking, accidental corporate who sometimes travels for work and works to travel. Exploring means shopping in thrift stores, talking with locals, getting lost, eating street food and people watching. A moment can sometimes be more memorable than a monument. Her favourite cities are Lhasa, Paris, Tokyo and Varanasi.

Po-Tien's website

Jessica Hunter | Gibbon Travel


Jessica is a Wellness Travel Specialist at Gibbon Travel. She believes that travel should be exhilarating and exciting, as well as relaxing and rejuvenating. Travel should immerse you in a new culture, and open your mind and heart to new cultures and people. You’ll currently find her living in the lovely city of Edmonton, Alberta.

Jessica's website

Maria Rampa | Evvoke Bespoke Experiences

Regina Mae

Maria has a passion for quality, customised, intimate and meaningful travel and event experiences. She formed Evvoke Bespoke Experiences to share this passion with customers by creating special, unique experiences which go beyond the ordinary, to help customers engage meaningfully with the people, culture, nature and cuisine of Australia.

Maria's website

Beth Lynch | Preferred Site Selection By Beth

Katie Love

Hi, I am Beth! I specialize in planning beautiful, meaningful intensives, events and retreats for you, the busy female entrepreneur that loves what she does and wants to create an event or intensive as fabulous as the brand she's built. I work with you one-on-one to help you create the experience you want for your clients.

Beth's website

Ashley Sarikaya | Wild Anima


I am a Travel and Body-Mind Wellness enthusiast, with a Bachelor of Arts in European Studies and a Masters of Arts in Media & Communications. For the past eight years, I put my heart and soul into dance, yoga and cultural studies, taking my passions around the world to Italy, Greece, France, Turkey and finally Switzerland, where I currently reside.

Ashley's website

Michelle Hutchison |

Regina Mae

Michelle Hutchison is a Money Expert and avid traveller at financial comparison sites and You can find her on Twitter at @MichHutchison

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