Hiking the Stunning Three Capes Track in Tasmania

Tasmania’s newest hike – the Three Capes Track – ticks all the boxes;  stunning scenery, a vigorous 46 kilometres of hiking over four days (without being too challenging), ease of access, low cost, an amazing array of wildlife, quality, safe and well-maintained facilities and the sheer beauty and freedom. Not to mention the feeling like you are at the end of the earth – literally – as the next stop is Antarctica!

If you don’t mind communal sleeping (although there are only 48 hikers on the track per day), carrying and cooking your own food, and being at the mercy of the great outdoors, then you will love this trek. It has all the bells and whistles of timber boardwalks, rustic and environmentally-sensitive cabins, and cooking and cleaning facilities, without a hefty price tag.

A group of friends in their 20s, including my daughter, undertook this trek as part of a longer holiday in Tasmania in January. This holiday included visiting Hobart and surrounds and attending the Falls Music and Arts Festival at Marion Bay. To get some more insight on this incredible walk, I asked my daughter some questions . . .

Here is my daughter, Ffion’s, review of the Three Capes Track:

Overall, what did you think of the holiday?

I would rate this as one of the best holidays I have ever taken. In terms of the Three Capes Track – the scenery was varied and breathtaking, the hike was carefully constructed and not too challenging and the cabins were modern and comfortable. It was great to be outdoors enjoying the fresh air and having lots of laughs along the way with my friends.

What was your best food experience?

We had to carry and prepare our own food on the hike – so I wouldn’t rave too much about the spaghetti, porridge and packet cappuccinos we consumed during this period! Although we did make a fantastic trail mix that kept us energised.

The best food experiences were back in Hobart. Our dinner at South American Frank Restaurant and Bar on the waterfront was the clear highlight. Tasty food, good service and vibe, and interesting décor.

Which activity did you enjoy the most?

Hiking the Three Capes Track was the most enjoyable aspect of the holiday for me. I was a first-time hiker and had wanted to do something of this nature for a while. I think it was the perfect multi-day hike for a beginner.

What was your number one accommodation pick?

The best accommodation we stayed in was an apartment we booked at Salamanca Place. It was large and comfortable – and a welcome break from the camping and drop toilets we had to deal with at the Falls Festival and on the hike!

If you could do this holiday again, what would you change?

If we had stayed in Hobart a few extra days we could have attended some of the events at the MONA (Museum of Old and New Art) festival (MOFO) which would have been fantastic. We didn’t realise how much there is to do in and around Hobart.

Hiking the Stunning Three Capes Track in Tasmania - Breathe Travel
What worked really well?

Hiring a car for our stay in Tasmania worked really well. We travelled around a fair bit (from Marion Bay to Hobart to Port Arthur where the hike commenced and then back to Hobart). It made it easy to take short, spontaneous trips from Hobart – such as to Bruny Island and Richmond.

Hiking the Stunning Three Capes Track in Tasmania by @evvoke #travelAustralia

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What sort of people do you think would be most suited to this holiday?

People who enjoy the outdoors, beautiful scenery, great food and are up for a bit of fun and adventure.

Tips and tricks you learned along the way?

When camping and hiking – always take a map!

How did this compare with other similar holidays you have undertaken?

This was a unique experience for me – I have not taken such an outdoorsy/activity-based holiday before. It has definitely given me a taste for this type of holiday and I am keen to keep up the hiking and camping in beautiful and interesting locations!

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Hiking the Stunning Three Capes Track in Tasmania

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This post originally appeared on evvoke Bespoke Experiences and has been republished with permission.

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