Discover Koh Samui - 6 Experiences You Don’t Want To Miss

Koh Samui has become a popular destination for all types of travellers. Whether you're going solo wanting to discover different aspects of life, a digital nomad looking for a temporary stopping point or heading away with your besties and planning a luxury getaway, Samui Island has something to meet your needs.

Below are six experiences you shouldn't miss when you're on the island.

1. Celebrate New Year at Songkran Festival

For those who want to learn something new and immerse in the local culture, attending Thai festivals is the perfect experience. If shooting water guns as a kid is a fond memory, plan your travel around Lunar New Year period and get involved in Songkran festival, a massive water-splashing 'party' that lasts over two days. 

On these days, don’t expect to get out of your door without getting doused with water. Mischievous individuals, armed with water guns or buckets are always on the hunt for their next victims. Other than getting wet, you can also expect to get colourful, since dyes sometimes get added to the water. It might not be your ideal way of celebrating New Year, but it promises an intriguing glimpse into the Thai culture.

2. Watch a colourful and vibrant Cabaret Show at Starz Cabaret

While you're here, be sure to check out one of the cabaret shows. These are a fun and exciting way to spice up your holidays as well as learn more about the Thai culture. Starz Cabaret, arguably one of the most popular locations for Ladyboy Cabaret shows in Samui, features beautiful, colourful and vibrant performances showing off talented and professional entertainers dressed in glamorous costumes and makeup. It's a great way to spend your night as well as to create joyous memories for your trip.

3. Check out Samui's temples

The temples on Samui feature unique designs and lovely artworks in an unpretentious and entertaining way. Wat Phra Yai, or Big Buddha Temple, is a popular attraction on the island. The temple houses a stunning 12-metre-high gold Buddha statue that can be seen from several kilometres away. If you prefer a less touristy experience, check out Wat Kiri Wongkaram. Quiet, solemn and traditional, the temple has a serene atmosphere that makes it unique. A great place to wind down, calm your mind and reflect.

Discover Koh Samui: 6 Experiences You Don’t Want To Miss

4. Visit Samui’s Night Markets

Attending the night markets is a must-do item in your itinerary. They're a great place to taste local delights and fulfil your shopaholic dreams. On Samui Island, the night markets are signified with a myriad of colours, sounds, scents and sights. You will be able to find every item imaginable there.

If you have the appetite, try some fried insects. Some people love them, and some don’t. So everything is left up to your subjective opinion. Regardless, it’s going to be a memorable experience.

Most night markets commence at 5 pm and last until 11 pm. Here’s a list of markets so you can try a new one every night:
Chaweng night market
Choeng Mon night market
Mae Nam night market
Fisherman’s Village night market
Nathon night market
Lamai night market

5. Enjoy the luxury life on the island: villas, resorts, fine dining

Samui is one of the travel destinations where you can enjoy a suite life at an affordable price, especially if you're going with your family or besties. If you love to pamper yourself during the holiday, then indulging in the luxury of a villa to spend your days at a beachside resort is a must. How does lazing by the poolside, watching the magnificent sunset while listening to the rhythmic waves sound to you?

6. Release all tension at a local spa

After all the fun time at the beaches, festivals, parties and markets, it’s time to give your muscles a good massage and ease your body into the ultimate relaxation. There are plenty of spas on the island, where you can get all kinds of treatments such as herbal bath, foot reflexology and Swedish massage.

Feel your body becomes lighter as the therapists lift the tension in your muscles. Some of the spas worth checking out are Eranda Herbal Spa, AWAY Spa at W Retreat Koh Samui and Tamarind Springs. It'll be the ultimate end to your island vacation.

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As you can see, Samui Island has a full range of activities from which to choose. Whether you travel to relax, reconnect with nature, explore a new destination, enrich your knowledge or just to have fun on a faraway island, you will find your place in Samui. Bon voyage, wanderlust souls!

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Discover Koh Samui- 6 Experiences You Don’t Want To Miss

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