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Living out of a backpack means you carry all your valuables with you, your entire life in one pack. Though there's great freedom that comes with this minimalism, it comes with its own issues; if your one small pack gets lost, you're likely to really feel it. The fear of losing your valuables and being stranded in an unknown place with nothing is something that plays on a lot of travellers' minds.

No matter how much I tried, I could never find a money belt which was comfortable and hidden enough for me to persist in wearing it. The best solution I had come up with was carrying a small handbag strapped over the other shoulder and I'd always put my hand over it when going through crowded areas. Though this technically worked and I've never been pickpocketed (touch wood), I felt like my body language and actions were making it very obvious where I was hiding everything should anyone wish to rob me. Even if you're trying to act calm and casual, a pickpocket can see where you're protecting and clutching at the most.

The other solution would be leaving these items locked away in your room. But sometimes even that doesn't feel like the safer alternative. So it leaves us wondering, what do we do with our primary valuables when we want to head out for the day but would really, absolutely love not to lose any of it?

One thing most of us ladies have in common is that we already carry around our own secret little storage compartments -- our bras! Where your most important pieces are sitting right on your body and you have no fear of them being lost or stolen. It's the only place that seems to feel really safe.

I was super excited when I was connected with Annie, the creator of The Travel Bra, and found out about a product which supports women with this very issue. She's found a way to help us utilise something we're already wearing. For anyone who loves to travel light, they'll know how great it is to find products which serve more than one purpose.

What is The Travel Bra?

The Travel Bra is an ultra-comfortable sports-style bra/crop which has various compartments sewn into it to give you a place to store your most valuable items discretely. The hidden compartments include:
• a mini jewellery/USB pocket
• pocket to stash cash
• card/hotel room key holder
• drop-down/fold-up passport holder (also fits my iPhone 6 -- I wouldn't carry my phone on my body all the time, but it's great to have this option for extra security)

The Travel Bra Every Female Traveller Needs - Breathe Travel

Who is The Travel Bra for?

Every.female.traveller. I'm serious. The bra can be worn as it is for everyday wear and the compartments aren't visible in the slightest. When you're in an area where you'd like to take some extra care, slot your passport, cards, some cash, jewellery and keys into the various pockets and you'll be confident knowing that even if everything else gets stolen, you'll be ok.

What are the main benefits of The Travel Bra?

• The fabric is fantastic (made of soft organic cotton, bamboo and spandex). Not that you can tell how something feels by how it looks, but it's much softer and more breathable than I expected based on the pictures.
• The hidden compartments allowing you to carry all your most valuable items on your body and you won't have to keep clutching at your bag and pockets to make sure everything is there. There's simply no way for a pickpocket to take something secretly.
• It's a great active bra which makes it easy to go hiking or bushwalking as you don't need to carry your wallet or keychain with you. Just slide the single key into one of the pockets and a card or note just in case.
• It's comfortable enough to sleep in so you can stash some stuff away while you sleep if you don't trust the other guests in your dorm.

What are the downsides of The Travel Bra?

• Although the original bra is comfortable and provides full support, it's exactly the shape you'd expect that kind of a bra to be. It looks very sporty and is by no means sexy.
• The cut around the neckline is high and quite difficult to hide unless you wear a tee which covers the full bra. It's not an issue if these are the kind of clothes you wear or don't mind sporting the sporty look, but it's a big downside if this isn't your style. 
• The passport fold-down section can get a little annoying if it's not getting used, it just hangs there. But I'm sure it's something that would just take some getting used to having it folded up. In the case of the traveller, I still feel like the benefit of a hidden passport pouch outweighs the slight annoyance.

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Is there a way to get all the benefits of The Travel Bra but in a more practical shape?

YES! Many of The Travel Bra's customers have been asking for a lighter version and they've now released the Ultra-Light Travel Bra.

The Ultra-Light Travel Bra has all the benefits of the original but with the fab design tweaks like:
• a deep neckline
• thinner, adjustable straps
• a U-shaped back (rather than the racer tank style of the original)
• available in black or beige so really could replace your everyday bra

The Travel Bra Every Female Traveller Needs - Breathe Travel
The Travel Bra Every Female Traveller Needs - Breathe Travel
The Travel Bra Every Female Traveller Needs - Breathe Travel
The Travel Bra Every Female Traveller Needs - Breathe Travel
The Travel Bra Every Female Traveller Needs - Breathe Travel

Excited to get a travel bra of your very own? Check it out on their site here.

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The Travel Bra Every Female Traveller Needs - Breathe Travel

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The original version of The Travel Bra was sent to me for review by the company. All opinions are my own and give an accurate representation of my personal experience with it.