About Us - Breathe Travel

Breathe Travel is a community-run travel hub, written by women, for women.

Our mission is to create stronger relationships and understanding between people around the world through travel and the education that comes with it. By doing so we remove barriers so we can connect with people on a greater level and understand each other as human beings.

We aim to help women around the world to travel in the safest possible way and empower them to finally take the trip they’ve always dreamed of. And what better way than to simply share our tips with one another on a community-run platform?

We welcome and encourage you to share your own story and posts with us so we can then share them with others.

Because our primary goal is to help women, we welcome content you’ve already published it on your own site. We’ll republish it with your permission and include links back to your own site. This way we can get more information in front of more eyes and support our fellow females globally.

If you’re interested in sharing your work, you can find all the information in the Submit a Post section.

If you’re here to read and learn only and there’s something specific you want covered, please let us know by using the contact form below. We’ll get one of our writers onto it 🙂