woman doing a yoga handstand on the beach with the water in the background

Yoga and travel are two amazing things on their own, but when merged, it's one of the most wonderful things you can do for yourself. Imagine having a vacation filled with the calm and serenity of Bhujangasana after an intense yoga practice.

Attain mental and physical balance in a mountain retreat. Enjoy delightful, organic, local cuisine on a beach retreat. Be mindful of the moment as you turn your phone off and focus on each pose you perform.

Whether your objective is to magnify your yoga practice or just relax together with some like-minded yogi travelers, yoga travel is one of the best rewards you can offer yourself.

The best destinations for yoga retreat can be found in all levels and styles. Regardless of what your purpose is, this article provides our list of best places in the world to learn and/or teach yoga.

Here are top five of our most favorite yoga destinations:

Kerala, India

Of course, the top on our list is the birthplace of yoga – India. Throughout many centuries, yoga has been practised with the utmost reverence for its roots. It is not hard to understand why India is the best place to learn and teach yoga. Being the cradle of yoga, India has served for more than 4000 years as the mecca of yoga.

If you want to practice yoga in a place aimed for relaxation, go to Kerala, a region in the Southwest India, famous for its stunning, natural landscape.

There’s nothing better than standing on a single leg, arms raised, with zero worries at the edge of Lake Vembanad as the sun rises.

Simply put, India is extremely beautiful and the perfect destination to better learn this practice.

Ubud, Indonesia

Another popular destination to consider is Ubud. Located in the heart of Bali, Indonesia, this place is known all over the world for its warm vibe and laid-back atmosphere, many travelers flying back regularly to enjoy surfing and practice yoga by the pristine beach.

Ubud is a yogi paradise. In spite of its small size, you will be able to find retreat places easily as there are a fair few, so you won't have issues finding one to suit your needs and preference.

One of the best times to visit is in spring when you can participate in one of the much-loved festivals for yoga aficionados. Annually, in the months of March and April, Bali Spirit welcomes people who love dance, music, and yoga where they can share their knowledge in a peaceful and melodious environment.

Tangalle, Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka yoga retreats are some of the best places to cultivate your spirituality. Explore this piece of heaven on earth and unwind in the commonly offered beach resort yoga accommodations.

Sri Lanka has been nicknamed as the Gem of the Indian Ocean for a reason, and Tangalle adds a reason for it to retain that name. Located not too far from Colombo, Tangalle is one of the most versatile destinations along the coast that lets you enjoy both the tranquility of being discreet and meditative in the busy culture that surrounds the place.

Here you wake every morning to the sounds of the ocean and chirping birds, the ideal surroundings for regular ashtanga classes with philosophy, pranayama, meditation, and of course yoga.

Morro de Sao Paulo, Brazil

Morro de São Paulo is a car-free tropical island located in the southern part of Salvador; the ideal spot to relax in the tranquil waters of its long stretched sandy beaches.

This idyllic fishing village is positioned on the cliff at the northernmost landfill of Tinharé Island. Being mostly covered with palms ferns and birds makes it another perfect place for yoga retreats.

It is accessible by boat or a little plane, and it's probably far from the Brazil that you have always imagined. There is no carnival, loud urban city noise or modernism.

Morro de São Paulo is one of five villages on the persuasive island of Tinhare. Experience the yoga scene in Brazil through the beauty of nature and the ease of living collectively. On a daily basis, you will begin your morning with yoga by the beach and a delicious organic breakfast. When afternoon comes, enjoy the beaches, socialize with local villagers and relish the charm of the surrounding forests.

Golden Bay, New Zealand

If yoga by the beach or forest is not your thing, then maybe practising on top of the mountain overlooking Golden Bay is something you would find a bit more interesting. Golden Bay in New Zealand is one of the best places to visit. An eco-friendly yoga retreat called Anahata Yoga Retreat doesn’t only offer its guests the physical, mental exercise one can benefit from regular yoga practice but also teaches how to combine the yogic lifestyle into everyday life.

New Zealand has a strong community of yogis from all over the world; in fact, they have annual Yoga Festival that takes place on the outskirt of Auckland. There, people who have an interest in the practice gather for a “Revolution of the Heart,” where they (according to their website) make space for evolution by connecting to the source in a deep way. This festival is going strong, already in its 6th year so if you happen to visit the country around February, be sure to stop in.

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This list includes only five of the best places to practice yoga but there are definitely a lot more. Have you been to any other retreats around the world that you loved? Tell us in the comments below!

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woman doing a yoga handstand on the beach with the water in the background

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