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Breathe Travel is a community-run, travel resource hub for the ladies. This means it’s written by women, for women.

Our aim is to share a wealth of knowledge and tips for all our fellow wild-wanderers around the world. We aim to share personal, real-life stories, as if we're simply helping our friends become as prepared as they can be. 

We know there is already a tonne of amazing content out there and we welcome you to share blog posts which have already been posted on your site. Yep, that means you don’t need to create new content to be featured! The only requirement is that the post has only ever been published on your personal site

Our current content categories are:

Travel Tips – Tips and advice while on the road.
Travel Preparation – Helping in any way before a trip.
Relationships and Travel – Tips for travelling with a partner, friends or family.
Travel Inspiration – Posts to encourage and inspire the almost-wanderer.
Ethical Travel – Tips for ethical and responsible travel. These can be controversial topics so we need concrete evidence!
Travel and Health – How to take care of yourself on the road.
Destination Guides – Best things to do in X.

Are submissions paid?

No, submissions are not currently paid.

Blog guidelines:

  • The blog must be your own content. You may not submit someone else’s post unless you are contacting on their behalf.
  • Please include your own, high-quality images. If you don’t have any we will find suitable stock photos for your post.
  • If you are using someone else's photos, you MUST have express permission to use them (not taken from Google or simply taken from another website).
  • By sending your own photos, you give us permission to edit them to include the title of the blog post. These will be used for both the featured image (at the top of a post) and a Pinterest image (found at the bottom).
  • There is no word limit, we understand that every blog post is different! However, we expect you to be clear and concise in your wording. If it can be said in one sentence, don’t use three!
  • The minimum word count is 800 words.
  • You may include external links to relevant content, including your relevant articles. We reserve the right to remove links if we don’t find them appropriate.
  • You may not use your own affiliate links within a post. If you would like special consideration to use an affiliate link, please contact us before submitting your post.
  • Accepted articles will be edited for spelling, grammar and ease of reading. To help us with this, before sending your post through please install Grammarly app as a browser extension (it's free!) to pick up any small errors you may have missed. This helps us tremedously and, for you as a writer, Grammarly will help you on a daily basis.

Please know, a
ll products and brands mentioned within your post must be based on personal use only. We reserve the right to remove any product recommendations.

Advertising your own business within the site (sponsored posts) comes at a cost. If you would like to mention your product or service within a post you’ll need to contact us in advance to be approved. The cost for a sponsored post is $150 US.

How to pitch a post:

  1. Send an email to with ‘Blog Pitch’ in the subject. This will make it a priority to read!
  2. If this is your first pitch, explain a little about yourself and your own blog (if you have one), a summary of the posts you'd like to submit and what you believe the Breathe Travel community will get out of it.
  3. Include a link to your post so we can see it on your site and include the full text in an attached Pages or Word document. If it’s original, just the attached document is fine. Please do not send pre-formatted html articles.
  4. If your images don't fit in one email, send them via Dropbox or Google Drive. Please never send multiple emails with your photos as it creates chaos in our inbox!

If we feel your post is suitable for Breathe Travel, you will hear back from us within ten days.

You don't need to have your own travel blog to share information, everyone has their own story to tell! So if you have some tips but don’t work in travel, we’d still love to read and share your post 🙂

What we will need from you:

In order to publish the post efficiently, please include the following within the email:

  • Your author’s bio – maximum 60 words. 
  • A list of your social media and website URLs (including where your original post is published).
  • A square author's image to appear next to your bio (cannot be your logo).

What is expected of you after your post goes live:

  • We’ll let you know when your post is live and send you the link. You’re expected to share this post on your social networks and encourage your community to read it.
  • You are expected not send the same post onward to feature on other sites.
  • You are expected to be active and reply to the comments on your post in a kind and respectful manner.

From the bottom of our hearts we want to say a big thank you for your enthusiasm to join our team. Together we’re able to build an epic travel resource to help loads of amazing women around the world.

We can’t wait to work with you. Xo